How I became Google Cloud Certified

How I became Google Cloud Certified

Navigating the Google Cloud certification: A step-by-step guide


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The Google Cloud Digital Leader certification is the fundamental Google Cloud certification and an excellent way to expand your basic yet introductory technical understanding of Google Cloud.

The exam is the perfect starting point for those looking to expand their knowledge of cloud computing and how Google Cloud products and services can be utilized to achieve an organization's objectives. It serves as a fundamental certification and is comparable to the AWS Cloud Practitioner and Azure Fundamentals certifications.


  • When a friend first told me about the Google Cloud Digital Leader certification, I knew I had to give it a shot. So, I scheduled the exam for December 2022 and began my preparation in October.

  • Despite the tight timeline, I was determined to put in the necessary effort to ensure success. And let me tell you, my hard work paid off! I passed the exam with flying colors.

  • My secret weapon? The official guides provided by Google. I also utilized some supplementary materials to supplement my learning, but those guides were my trusty sidekick throughout the preparation process.

    It's safe to say, the Google Cloud Digital Leader certification is the perfect opportunity for anyone looking to enhance their skills and advance their career in the field of cloud computing

Exam Day

I was ready to conquer the Google Cloud exam on December 30th, but it seemed the invigilator had other ideas. It was like a horror movie where the villain keeps delaying the climax. But thanks to the extra study time, I was more than prepared.

As I was about to submit my exam, my internet suddenly crashed. It felt like my 1.25 months of preparation went down the drain. But thanks to the helpful Kryterion support team, they were able to submit the exam on my behalf and saved me from a total meltdown.

Results & Blockchain Verification

After completing the exam, be aware that it may take several business days for your results to be reviewed. I took the exam on Friday and received an email confirming that I had passed the following Monday.

One unique aspect of Google's certifications is that they use Accredible, a digital badge and certificate platform built on blockchain, to manage their certification programs. This enables recruiters or your current employer to verify your certification in real-time using blockchain technology. You can check my certification if you would like to test the verification validation yourself.


I primarily relied on the official guides provided by Google. In addition, I also utilized some supplementary materials which are:

  1. Exam Pro - This site provided a wide range of materials, including lectures, practice questions, and mock exams, which helped me to study effectively.

  2. Exam Topic - It was necessary to understand the scenario-based questions I could expect to encounter on the test, Exam topics helped in providing those questions.

  3. NOTES - Flashcards and notes made by Sarah Walker-Leptich were extremely helpful for revising the key concepts on a daily basis. These notes and flashcards were a great way to quickly review the material and refresh my memory before the exam


  • Keep calm. The exam is not as difficult as you may imagine.

  • Make use of the option to review questions later.

  • Answer all questions, as there is no penalty for incorrect answers.

  • When faced with questions you are unsure of, try eliminating the answer choices to narrow down your options.

  • If you encounter any issues during the exam, don't worry. Reach out to a specialist who can help resolve the problem or schedule your exam for a more suitable date based on your availability.

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